Living Museum Otavalango

The Museum of the Kichwa People of Otavalo

Alli shamushka kapaychik!

Welcome, bienvenidos! Come explore indigenous Kichwa culture at our living museum.

In 2011, our cooperative of twenty Otavalo Kichwa families became the first indigenous owners of La Fabrica San Pedro—a textile factory powered for 200 years by exploited indigenous labor. Since then, we have been creating this museum to rescue and celebrate our culture. Instead of just showcasing old artifacts, at the Museo Viviente—the Living Museum—we dive into traditional games, dances, and ancestral stories with everyone who comes, serving as a community center as much as a museum. Our guides speak from lived experience as well as professional training, so come learn about indigenous culture from those who know it best, just five minutes from downtown Otavalo!

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